Sunday, February 8, 2009

Panda - Watercolor / Panda - Aquarela

Watercolor, 35x25 inches, not available for purchase. / Aquarela, 70x50 cm, indisponível para aquisição.


malena Sandra said...

Hola Fabio,love your work,panda is great!Ciao,Aleksandra

Anonymous said...

You're the best. I love your art!

Jessica said...

Fábio, the more I come back again and again to your blog, the more I appreciate your work. Keep up your excellent paintings.!

Marcelo said...

Seu trabalho é fantástico. Mostra uma diversidade de temas incrível! Parabéns.

Dean Grey said...

This is very nicely done!

I usually see you do florals and cityscapes so this panda was a surprise.

The composition and the drawing itself are both very strong.

So much so that I think you should definitely try doing more animal paintings.