Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Upcoming Workshops, Próximos Workshops

Memories, Dreams and Reflections....9, Watercolor, 2013 (15 x 11 inches)
Upcoming Workshops, Próximos Workshops (Space Availability ONLY in St Yrieix and Singapore):

Barcelona, SPAIN (June 8-9, 10-11)
Tuscany, ITALY (June 15-22)
Gurmençon, FRANCE (June, 24-27)
Castelnau d’Aude, FRANCE (July, 03-06)
Frayssinet, FRANCE (July, 09-19)
St Yrieix la Perche, FRANCE (July, 22-24)
Singapore, SINGAPORE (August, 10-11)

If you need more info, please, email fabiocembranelli@gmail.com

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Workshop in Castelnau d'Aude,France / Last Place, Último Lugar.

Come and join one of my French Workshops: Castelnau d’Aude - 30 km from Narbonne and Carcassone, between July/03 – July/06, 4 days. Spaces are limited. For more info, please, contact Claudie Capdeville, email claudie.capdeville@orange.fr or Madame Angèle Villat, email angelevillat@orange.fr
(Watercolor, 122 x 15 inches inches)

Venham participar de um dos meus workshops na França: Castelnau d'Aude - 30 Km de Narbonne e Carcassone, entre 03/Julho - 06/Julho, 4 dias. Lugares limitados. Para maiores informações, entrar em contato com Claudie Capdeville, email claudie.capdeville@orange.fr ou Madame Angèle Villat, email angelevillat@orange.fr

(Aquarela, 56 x 38 cm)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Workshops, Demos - Mexico / 2013 - PHOTOS

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